New website

Our new website is now live.
The new site has been designed to make it easier for our users to navigate around and quicker get to the relevant information. Highlights include improved navigation and a more intuitive and accurate functionalities, making most of the site accesible within one single screen and from homepage.
A clearer layout for news and agenda is now available and provides a strong clear overview of everything going on at Ercilla.
Full new restaurant sites provide now a much needed information eventually making even possible to finalize your table bookings at any of our dining rooms. You can now browse our menues and a la carte service, choose your desert before arriving and twit your comment about it while still sitting at the table.
The website is wholly available without having to login but you can also register for our newsletters and special offers deliveries if you wish so.
We hope you like the new website. Your feedback will be most apppreciated. Please make your comments via our twitter, facebook or send us your comment from the Contact us link.